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Freelancing in Bangladesh Google Search Review




Search Google with Freelance in Bangladesh.

You will get about 42 million search result website.

My website comes at top 1.

Now Search With Freelancing in Bangladesh.

See the result is totally different.

Now you understand what I want to say.

Although almost same meaning of freelance and freelancing but search result is different.

So to get visitors from search engine you need to optimize all keywords separately even those have same or similar meaning.

Freelance in Bangladesh Includes Photo Designing Jobs

M Yakub Chowdhury's Photo Drawing

Freelance in Bangladesh includes many jobs including photo design Jobs.

Infact whatever jobs available offline can also be include in freelance job.

The job is same. The difference is in offline local working is doing the job where payment is high.

In online freelance worker from other countries are doing the job at less price.

The concept of outsourcing is came to do your job from outside workers at less pay.

Many people say America has a lot of jobless people. How they will give us job.

The matter is there is joblecss people in america who do not do job at less price.

But our peope work at less. So they are making their local people jobless and giving job outside to save cost.


Freelance Job Designing T-Shirt – You Can Do It From Bangladesh Too

M Yakub Chowdhury Picture in T-Shirt in Obama Campaign


There are many types of jobs in freelance.

One of the most popular and good pay job in designing t-shirt.

In t-shirt there are many types of design.

If you are a designer you need to be creative to design new new images for t-shirt.

See here is a design of t-shirt that was designed for Obama election.

On the t-shirt there is an image.

The image is my picture.

If you are also a t-shirt designer give your idea for new design in comments.

Will be waiting to hear your comments.


Does Facebook Home Page Open in North Korea?

facebook home page is open in north korea

facebook home page is open in north korea

North Korea is so restricted country that there should not be Facebook home page opened.

Anybody can think it.

If North Korean government wants to keep everything secret then opening Facebook home page may be risky for information flow.

But with surprise Facebook home page is open in North Korea.

There are problems for visitors to use internet.

Even though Face book is open there.

Thanks to N Korea government that atleast it keeps F Book opens.

1000 real facebook likes usd 10

Bangladesh Freelance Vs Bangladesh Freelance Discussion – Keyword Magic

bangladesh freelance vs bangladesh freelance discussion

bangladesh freelance vs bangladesh freelance discussion










Let me show you a keyword magic.

Bangladesh Freelance BF Vs Bangladesh Frelance Discussion BFD. These two are keywords. BF has 2 words while BFD has three words. In general two words keyword should be more competitive than three word. But in this case BFD has 250 million search while BF has around 25 million. Longer keyword has 10 times more search result than shorter keyword.

While searching Google with BFD my website is in top position of 1st page. But while searching with BF the same website is in 2nd page.

Whoever is at top for BF may think that his website is more optimized than my site. He may not even know that my website is more optimized than his website for 10 times more competitive keyword. That means my website is 10 times more optimized.

Isn’t is magic. Do you have any such magic. Pls share in comments. I will be happy to know it.

By the way let me tell you about a keyword density tips. Did you notice that I used BF instead of Bangladesh while BFD for Bangladesh Freelance Discussion? I have done it so that the keyword densite for those words do not cross the limit of acceptance level. You too can do it while writing article or website or blog content.

Which is the best for SEO? WordPress? or Blogger?